Inn & Spa

At our Inn & Spa, your pet will be cared for by a highly trained caregiver who is authorized to deliver medicine if needed.


At Cedar Animal Hospital, we are a caring place for your pets to stay and play. We offer several heated dog runs, a fenced-in yard for exercise, and cozy condos for your cats. We offer convenient drop-off and pickup times, personalized play, and medication administration if needed. Each boarding caregiver goes through a detailed training program, including hands-on experience, to become very knowledgeable about caring for pets and how to keep pets safe.

You’ll need:

  • To reserve your spot
  • Provide proof of vaccinations. For dogs, Rabies, DHLPC, Bordetella, and Canine Flu must be up to date. For cats, we require an up-to-date FVRCP vaccine and a negative FIV/FELV test. All vaccinations must be administered at least 48 hours prior to checking in.
  • You may bring your pet’s regular diet to be fed while they visit. Cedar Animal Hospital provides food if your pet does not require a specific diet. Your pet will be provided meals in their own room based on the feeding times you provide at check-in.
  • You may bring your pet’s favorite bed, blanket, or toy for their visit.
  • Paperwork with detailed care instructions will be completed at drop-off.


Returning in 2023, timing to be announced.


Cedar Animal Hospital is pleased to announce our recent addition of the Gentle Way dog park! We have teamed up with A Pleasant Dog to offer agility classes at our location. Contact A Pleasant Dog directly at 616-264-2532 or click here ( if you are interested in registering yourself and your pet. Cedar Animal Hospital clients will receive a discount. Please contact A Pleasant Dog for more details.


The Gentle Way dog park for our community is coming in 2023.