Exotic Pet Care

Caring for your exotic pet can be tricky. Be sure to schedule your appointment with one of our expert veterinarians to learn how to best care for your exotic pet.

Exotic pets can be fun and exciting to keep; however, each type of pet has its own unique environment and food requirements. Here are some common challenges when choosing an exotic pet.

Longevity: Some exotic pets can live a long time, in fact, sometimes longer than their owners! For example, tortoises and some parrots can live between 50 and 100 years.

Dietary requirements: Exotic pets may have special dietary requirements, and it could be difficult to get proper food. Some reptiles need live prey to eat, so you should think about your ability to feed your pets properly.

Diseases: Many reptiles carry Salmonella bacteria, and extra care should be taken when handling these types of pets.

Care Sheets: Coming in 2023, Care Sheets for each type of exotic pet.

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