Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Dr. Lawrence Nauta, DVM </bR> Practice Owner photo

Dr. Lawrence Nauta, DVM
Practice Owner

Dr. Nauta acquired CAH in 1993. He is an MSU graduate and a proud Spartan fan! He is passionate about taking care of pets and their people. Away from CAH, Dr. Nauta enjoys quality time at home and traveling with his family.

Dr. Taylor Cervantes, DVM  photo

Dr. Taylor Cervantes, DVM

Dr. Cervantes attended MSU college of veterinary medicine where she graduated in 2018. In her free time, she enjoys reading, crafting & trying out the local cuisine. She has been a welcome addition to our staff. She shows love and compassion to all the animals and their owners.

Dr. Simon, DVM  photo

Dr. Simon, DVM

Dr. Simon is a Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine DVM class of 2021!
Primary care and surgery are her specific interests in veterinary medicine.

In her free time, She enjoys spending time with her husband, Zach, her 1.5 year old daughter, Austyn, and her two dogs, Kobe and Bo.
She also enjoys grilling, spending time on the water, and gardening.

Dr. Simon says, “What I enjoy most about working at CAH is the compassionate and friendly staff, the welcoming atmosphere, and the variety of species that are seen everyday.”

Dr. Judy Nauta, DVM  photo

Dr. Judy Nauta, DVM

Dr. Judy is a Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine graduate class of 1987.
Her areas of special interest include general cytology, avian and exotic medicine, she also is very involved in practice management.

At home, Dr. Judy takes care of her horses, chickens, & ducks. She enjoys organic gardening (including butterfly gardening!) and biking and agility with her dog Rocket.

Dr. Judy’s artistic talents can be found all over Cedar Animal Hospital! From the children’s playroom, the fish tank, and the beautiful butterfly waystation. She has had a hand in making CAH as beautiful as it is. She is also very excited about the addition of Gentle Way Dog Park.


Dianne </br> Finance Director photo

Finance Director

Dianne is a retired CPA and shares her skills at CAH by helping with auditing and inventory. She loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. She is a volunteer at her church and spends most of her free time with her much loved rescue dog, Lily. Dianne’s attention to detail makes CAH a better place to be.

Kate </br> Administrative Manager photo

Administrative Manager

Kate manages the day to day operations at CAH. She stays very busy with 4 kids involved in sports. When home, she spends her time outside working in the yard and playing with her goats and dogs.

Renee</br> Manager photo


Renee is our practice manager and says she loves that she has the privilege to manage such an amazing staff full of caring and compassionate people! She enjoys travel, photography, reading, cooking and baking. Renee has a degree in baking and pastry arts from Johnson and Wales University. Renee's three cats, Willow, Heiyew, and Rubeus hold down her home while she is at CAH.

Mary </BR>Manager  photo


I have a Bachelor’s in Anthropology from Grand Valley. When I’m not at work, I like spending time with my husband, Jason, and 5 yr old daughter, Clara, and our 2 bunnies, Hazel and Ellie. I love to cook and make new recipes, and I love going to concerts— hopefully we can do that again soon! I worked in retail for 18 years, but am SO excited to get to work with animals everyday. It’s a dream come true!!

Joel</br> Urgent Care Manager photo

Urgent Care Manager

I’ve lived right in Cedar Springs for about two years. On my down time, I love hanging with my 3 Golden Retrievers (Barry, Bailey, and Beatrice) and my Yorkie Mix, Bentley. I also enjoy cooking and grilling. My pets have been going to CAH for years and I’m glad to work with a team that has as much care and compassion for animals as I do. 


Sally  photo


Sally has worked at CAH since 2001. She served in the U.S. Army reserves from 1983-1988. Sally enjoys time with her granddaughter and traveling with her husband of 23 years. Her dedication and hard work are priceless!

Veterinary Technicians

Sharyn, LVT  photo

Sharyn, LVT

Happily married. 2 children and 2 stepchildren. Bicycling, hiking, traveling, and watching movies. 2 dogs, Tucker and Rhett and a cat, Target. Love the people I work with and feel like I’m constantly learning new things!

Valerie, LVT  photo

Valerie, LVT

Valerie has been with CAH since 2007! She graduated from Sanford Brown as a Licensed Veterinary Technician in 2013. She loves a good book and spending time with friends and family. Val is an excellent technician with a caring heart. We are fortunate to have her.

Samantha, LVT  photo

Samantha, LVT

Hello, my name is Samantha but go by Sam. I work at an animal clinic but do not currently have any animals of my own. In my free time, I enjoy being outside such as spending time on the water, traveling, and hanging with friends. What I love most about working at Cedar Animal Hospital is helping to treat and care for sick animals and the team that I work with.

Alyssa, LVT  photo

Alyssa, LVT

Interests: I enjoy painting, hunting, fishing, and camping with family and friends.
Pets: A cat named Mabel
Favorite thing about working at CAH: Taking care of sick or injured pets with an amazing team at Cedar Animal Hospital.

Amber, LVT  photo

Amber, LVT

Amber is a 2021 graduate of Baker College and has joined our CAH technician team! At home, Amber has 4 birds and 2 cats. In her free time, she enjoys going on adventures with family and friends. Amber’s favorite thing about working at CAH is having the chance to work with such a variety of species.

Kaylee, LVT  photo

Kaylee, LVT

Kaylee is a 2021 graduate of Baker College of Muskegon. She has special interest in the area of diagnostics, working with wildlife, and zoo animals. When she’s not at work she enjoys hiking, traveling, and curling up on the couch with her cat. She enjoys watching Disney and marvel movies! What she loves most about working at CAH is getting the chance to work with wildlife and exotics! Since attending school they have become her passion.

Anna, LVT  photo

Anna, LVT

Anna is a baker college graduate who has special interest in bovine, urgent care/emergency medicine. Outside of work she enjoys playing with her dog Mabel, & spending time at her cottage. What Anna likes most about working at Cedar Animal Hospital is the heart and passion of our team.💙

Facility Maintenance

Jim  photo


Jim plays a big part in facility maintenance at Cedar Animal Hospital and we appreciate how hard he works to keep us all up and going! Jim is a Cedar Springs high school graduate class of 1982. Outside of work Jim enjoys spending time with his family and traveling. What he enjoys most about working at Cedar Animal Hospital is the positive staff and the variety of animals that we see!

Customer Care

Alex  photo


Alex is a member of our customer care team. She enjoys reading and watching true crime television. Alex loves spending time with her husband and girls on their hobby farm. Her compassion and dedication to helping clients and pets are top-notch!

Jessica  photo


I enjoy listening to music, crafting, and going to concerts in my free time. I have a dog named Polly and I love working at CAH because I am surrounded by amazing people and love helping people and their pets ❤️

Julie  photo


Julie has been with CAH since 1997! Her kids keep her busy, When she is not running to their sporting events she enjoys spending time with friends and family. Julie’s dedication to CAH is evident in her work and her willingness to help in any way. Many special relationships have been formed with clients and pets over the years.

Aimee  photo


Aimee and her husband have two fur kids at home, Georgia, and Memphis. They enjoy bringing them out and about with them and going on hikes. They enjoy boating and love to host cookouts and bonfires at home. Aimee says she loves helping people and working with animals. She loves being able to Be someone's comfort when they are scared.

Tracy  photo


Tracy is a member of our customer care team. She enjoys many outdoor activities and trips to the beach in the summer. Watching her kids play sports and spending time with family and friends. Tracy is passionate about helping animals and we are fortunate to have her!

Leah  photo


Leah transitioned from people nursing to being part of the customer care team which has been an amazing change for her! 
She has a tri-pawd calico named Darci and brought her home a brother Luther,  She adopted from CAH. 
She loves her fur babies, coffee, ice cream, and Jesus ♥️

Boarding Staff

Diana  photo


Diana is on our cleaning crew. She does a fabulous job of keeping things looking great at CAH. She enjoys playing cards, watching hockey games & going to musicals at Devos hall. Her cats have a special place in her heart. We appreciate Diana’s sweet personality and her excellent work ethic!

Melody  photo


Melody is a member or our boarding & late show team. At home she has a yellow lab, a palomino named Daisy and has acquired a stray cat family she’s caring for! Outside of work she enjoys hanging with friends and family, fishing, and boating. Currently Melody is taking lessons for suicide prevention to be able to volunteer with NOMV. In the fall she plans to attend school at Baker College to become a veterinary technician. One of the many things she likes about working at CAH is all of the animals we see and getting to see the science of veterinary practice.

Selena  photo


Selena is a graduate of Cedar Springs high school. She’s very interested in zoological medicine and would like to work in a zoo or in the wild someday. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with family especially her three-month-old daughter. What she likes most about working at Cedar Animal Hospital is that every day is different and you never know what to expect.

Brooklyn  photo


My name is Brooklyn, I’m a current student at baker college veterinary science to be a vet tech! I spend most of my time with animals. Whether it’s at work, or at home with my cats. I love orv riding, horseback riding, and doing hair and makeup. I also love watching historical documentaries on past celebrities.

Veterinary Assistants

Kandace  photo


Kandace is a veterinary assistant. She enjoys photography & helping with her family tree business. Her hard work and dedication to CAH is so valued!

Autumn  photo


Hi! I’m Autumn, I have had a passion for veterinary medicine since I was a young girl. I enjoy spending time with my husband and 3 kids, whether it be at the bmx track, kayaking local rivers or spending time with our many animals. Which include dogs, cats, horses, chickens, rabbit, bearded dragon as well as a turtle! I love all the medical advancements CAH has to offer. Truly a hospital for animals, not unlike one you would find for humans.

Sam  photo


Sam is a veterinary assistant and also our groomer. She has a special interest in dog grooming and loves to spend time outdoors. Kayaking, hiking and fishing. Sam has a contagious smile that we appreciate daily! Her attitude is something to admire. What Sam loves most about working at CAH is helping to treat and care for sick animals and the team she works with

Collin  photo


Collin graduated from MSU and in his free time likes to watch sports, golf, hike and head up north. Collin has three dogs at home, a golden retriever and two black labs. What he enjoys most about working at CAH is the people he works with!

Skye  photo


At home, I have two cats named Zoey and Twix and one dog named Jack. Outside of work, I like to spend time with my friends and family. I am currently going to school at Baker College to become a Veterinary Technician. One of the many things I like about working at CAH is the people I work with. Everyone is so kind and fun to be around!

Caitlynn  photo


Hello! My name is Caitlynn, I am an Assistant at CAH. MY favorite thing about working at CAH is the environment! I get to see and learn cool things about pets! And being able to work with such an awesome team of people❤️  When I’m not at work I love to ride horses, hike, and spend time crafting. Pets: Kujo (cat), Moxi (cat), Winchester (dog), boop noodle (snake), kohlbey (horse), Mack (horse).

Sierra  photo


Sierra graduated from Grant HS and currently attends Ferris State University studying pre veterinary medicine. Her future plans are to specialize in large animal at MSU or Equine in Colorado or Montana. Sierra enjoys all outdoor activities, coffee, and traveling. At home she has a cat named BeeBee and a hamster named Nugget. She loves working at CAH because the people she works with are passionate about their jobs.

Becky  photo


My name is Becky and I am a veterinary assistant at Cedar Animal Hospital. Outside of work I love to read and draw. I have a dog named Allie and a cat named Bug. My favorite thing about working at CAH is having the opportunity to work with so many different breeds and species of animals on a daily basis. 

Ivy  photo


Ivy is a senior at tri County high school and is working with us as an assistant. When she’s not in school or at work she enjoys fishing, dogs, enjoying nature and working on her truck! What she loves most about working at Cedar Animal Hospital is the employees! “They are also welcoming and so much fun. I can’t wait for the future working here, and getting to learn more things! It’s great being able to work with animals.”😁

AnnMarie  photo


AnnMarie is currently in her senior year at Sparta High school.  
Her special area of interest is equine veterinary medicine. 
In her free time, she enjoys riding her horse, hanging out with her family, and playing soccer in the spring.
What she enjoys most about working at CAH is how friendly the staff is and The variety of animals she gets to work with.

Taylor  photo


Taylor is a graduate of Tri County High School. 
Surgery is her special area of interest. 
Outside work she enjoys her time with family and friends. She likes to shop, spend time outside and read. 
What she enjoys most about working at CAH is caring for animals everyday.  

Dan  photo


Dan is currently attending grand Valley State University. His special areas of interest is emergency medicine, and medical equipment. Outside of work he enjoys fishing,camping, hiking, sports & video games.

He has a crested gecko named Henry. What he enjoys most about working at Cedar Animal Hospital is the opportunity to do so much, practice his skills, help people, make a difference and work with an amazing team.

Lisa  photo


I really enjoy working at CAH because my co-workers immediately made me feel at home and comfortable with asking them questions. This is a whole new field of work for me, so I had and still have a lot of questions. I've always had a very strong interest in taking care of animals so, working here is very rewarding for me.

Cassie  photo


My name is Cassie and I started at CAH to begin something new and ever since I’ve been so grateful to work with this amazing team and help the community with their pets. I adore working with all sorts of animals and I love going home to care of my cat, dog, and crested gecko. I am planning to continue my education in this field to hopefully gain my technicians license. 

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